Overview of Saturday and Sunday Educational Opportunities

A variety of topics will be presented during the weekend sessions at the Annual Congress. Most of the educational sessions will take place in the mornings, including sessions focusing on practice management and the opioid crisis. Below is a sampling of the sessions being offered. For a full list, check the Annual Congress program or AANA 2017 app.

Practice Management

Since this year’s newest track is the Business of Anesthesia, it makes sense that many of the sessions on Saturday and Sunday are devoted to managing a practice.

At 8 a.m., Kathy Maxwell, MSNA, CRNA, APRN, will present “What’s Your Value to Your Employer?” In this session, attendees can recognize anesthesia groups’ and hospital administrators’ perceptions with regard to the value of anesthesia services and learn to negotiate provision of added services and fair compensation services. Following that, at 9:15 a.m., “Reimbursement 101,”presented by Larry Hornsby, BSN, CRNA, will outline the elements specific to attendees’ practice for complete and accurate documentation for compliant reporting of anesthesia services to government and third-party payers.

On Sunday at 7 a.m., “How to Build a Business,” presented by Alan J. Doucet, MBA, CMPE, will provide an intermediate-level session focusing on how to outline business opportunities in an anesthesia practice.


Both Saturday and Sunday include sessions examining the use of opioids, and all sessions include some pharmacology credit as well.

“Opioid Crisis vs. Competency? Pharmacologic Considerations of Opioid Use for Surgical and Non-Surgical Pain Management,” presented by Lois Elaine Stewart, MSNA, CRNA at 9:15 a.m. Saturday, will examine the current state of opioid prescribing, use, and abuse and identify current theories associating intraoperative and postoperative exposure to opioids with chronic opioid abuse.

On Sunday at 7 a.m., “Opioids vs. Non-Opioids: A Chinese Menu Dilemma—1 from Column A or 2 from Column B?” presented by Daniel P. Frasca, DNAP, CRNA, will help attendees identify uses and situations where both opioids and alternatives to opioids are appropriate.

In addition to the educational sessions, all Annual Congress attendees are welcome to attend the Sunday poster session to learn about firsthand research from their fellow anesthesia professionals. The poster session will be from 7 a.m. to noon.