CRNAs to be Featured in USA Today Insert on “Future of Anesthesiology”

A special insert on the “Future of Anesthesiology” to appear in the Sept. 15  weekend edition of USA Today will include a two-page spread featuring an interview article with CRNAs discussing Enhanced Recovery after Surgery (ERAS) and a full-page ad promoting the role and value of CRNAs in today’s healthcare system.  The insert will also be distributed to attendees of the AANA Nurse Anesthesia Annual Congress in Seattle Sept. 8-12. A link to the insert will be available at upon publication.

The interviewees for the full-page article were 2018 AANA President Bruce Weiner, DNP, MSNA, CRNA, President-elect Garry Brydges, DNP, MBA, MSN, CRNA, ANCP-BC, and Senior Director of Professional Practice Lynn Reede, DNP, MBA, CRNA, FNAP. The print ad and four complementary digital ads promote the 2018 CRNA Week theme “Every Breath, Every Beat, Every Second—We are There.”

Produced by MediaPlanet, 250,000 print copies of the insert will be distributed through USA Today in the following markets: Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York. Total potential readership is estimated at 750,000, not including online.